Training Opportunities
The Canadian Treatment Center for Obsessive Compulsive Disorders 

Post-Doctoral, Pre-Doctoral, and Practicum Training

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The CTCOCD is the national specialized center that offers specialized treatments for OCD and related disorders throughout the lifespan (children, adolescents, adults). OCD related disorders include Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Trichotillomania, Excoriation Disorder, and Hoarding Disorder. Referrals of pediatric and adult cases are accepted nationally as well as internationally. Please see the center website for further information:

Students training at the CTCOCD have the opportunity to learn a wide range of evidence based, developmentally adapted, specialized interventions, with heterogeneous clinical populations, throughout the lifespan, from diverse cultural backgrounds. Evidence-based specialized cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) interventions to enhance recovery include specialty cognitive therapy (CT), and schema-based CT; behavioral interventions with broad theoretical basis (exposure and response prevention and behavioral experiments); skills strategies such as mindfulness, social skills, decision making; and strategies for resilience and relapse prevention. OCD symptoms as well as related difficulties are addressed, such as fear and distress, secondary depression, emotional regulation, cognitive and emotional schemas, and interpersonal, family, selfesteem issues. Group CBT may be offered for patients awaiting individual treatment. Couple or family interventions are administered for many cases. Intensive treatment programs and therapist assisted home based treatment are offered by a team of experts as clinically indicated. Students have the opportunity to work with teams and multidisciplinary professionals. Psychiatric and pharmacological consultation and treatment are available with experienced staff psychiatrists. Clinical work may be done in English and/or French.

The scientist- practitioner model of teaching and supervision includes the following components: didactic seminars, clinical and research readings, clinical rounds, observation and participation with the supervisor on assessments and treatment sessions (with patient consent), co-therapy, and therapist-assisted treatment in patients’ naturalistic environments. Group and individual supervision are available. Interested students are offered the opportunity (optional) to participate in a clinical research project as well as to collaborate on academic presentations and publications. Internships and practicums are tailored to the specific interests and prior experience of the student, may be combined concurrently with other rotations, and are designed to ensure that students’ academic and clinical requirements are fulfilled. Training is offered to post-doctoral students, pre-doctoral interns, and to practicum students. Summer, six month, and year-long training are offered, with preference for year- long applicants. Specialized training is offered to local, national, and international students as well as mental health professionals.

About the CTCOCD Director:
The CTCOCD Director, Dr. Debbie Sookman, is a clinical psychologist and an experienced clinical supervisor, having served as Director of Training in the Department of Psychology, McGill University Health Center (MUHC)/RVH by appointment for a period of 14 years, up until 2012. Dr. Sookman is staff specialist, Department of Psychology, MUHC; Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, McGill University; and President of The Canadian Institute for Obsessive Compulsive Disorders ( Dr. Sookman’s recent publications include the invited book: Specialized Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: An Expert Clinician Guidebook, Routledge, 2016. Dr. Sookman is a Fellow and Certified Trainer/Consultant of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy, USA, and a Fellow of the Canadian Association of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies.